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Transform your Google Analytics knowledge into a profitable and strategic skill that brings value to your clients.

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Discover the key to impressing your clients, raising your rates, and growing your business!

You sit down down with your tea/coffee to work, booked out for the rest of year with clients who appreciate your work and keep asking for your availability. You feel peace of mind and happiness as you prioritize the tasks on your day.

You get to work with who you want, how you want and your clients keep extending their time with you. What a dream! But none of this surprises you because you've had a secret weapon on your side the whole time - DATA!

Google Analytics needs to be an integrated part of your Web Design, Web Developer, or Virtual Assistant business.

Why? Because it helps you lead your clients to make smart strategic decisions that ensures that they will continue hiring you again and again.

Analytics as a Service is an integrative course for Web Developers, Web Designers, and VAs that will teach you the essential technical knowledge on Google Analytics, complimented by sales and marketing guidance on how to transform this skill to a profitable service.

Now let’s be honest for a second: Google Analytics itself is uglier than two squirrels making out on your back porch. Every time you open one of those reports, you feel a mix of heartburn, a headache, and shortness of breath. It is like you need to be in a coma to actually convince yourself, “ is the day I will start to understand Google Analytics reporting.”

And deep down, there are some other real reasons why you’ve been avoiding your data up until now.

These might be a couple things that bother you when it comes to learning Google Analytics:

1) I have no idea where to start! There are tons of numbers here, but what do I actually need to pay attention to? Aah!..overwhelm alert!

I totally get it. Google Analytics is super overwhelming and every time you try and go in there to understand your data, you seem to get nowhere. But here is a little secret I want to let you in on: you don’t need to use ALL the reports in the tool. The key is knowing which ones to focus on, and I’ll show you which ones those are.

2) I don’t really have time to look at Google Analytics. I’m a busy person!

I know the feeling, you busy bee! And the last thing I want to suggest is adding one more thing on your long to-do list of tasks. What I do want to open your mind to is integrating what you already do in your business with the real facts of site traffic data. Instead of guessing what is really going on with your site, you can look at the data and just know.

3) But it worth my time to look at these reports? How do I know I’ll be able to actually impact what I do in my business? I don’t know what to do with the information.

Imagine knowing exactly what blog traffic is getting people to purchase your services. Think about being able to see if between Social Media and your Email Campaigns, which got people to download more opt-ins? What if you could shine some light on your ideal client profile by looking at real demographic and interest data? These are crucial pieces of information that you would be crazy not to know!

Instead of guessing and talking to your therapist or dog about it, just let your data tell you! You’ll completely revolutionize how you run your business by taking out the unnecessary guess work that can be so draining.

And here is the other thing: This course is specifically for the Web Developer, Virtual Assistant or Web Designer who wants to start using data to attract and retain those badass clients she’s been dreaming about.

Ready to start learning Google Analytics to be more profitable in your biz?

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When you integrate Google Analytics to your services, you add additional value to your clients’ businesses, become indispensable and, said plainly, can easily up your rates!

Listen to Hema's story on how this course transformed her business!

Hema is one of the Analytics as a Service students who took her knowledge from the course and used it to make some great shifts in her business that lead to more clients.

Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • Setup Google Analytics easily and correctly on any Wordpress or Squarespace site (other platforms welcome too!)
  • Use the back-end Admin area in the best way possible, without getting horribly confused and frustrated.
  • Present your clients with the reports that you know matter and yes, actually understand the metrics (knowing which ones to actually pay attention to!).
  • Incorporate the data in the content and marketing plan for your business in a meaningful way that justifies the time you spend analyzing!

Course includes:

  • 5 Modules + 1 Bonus Module
  • Over 30 Tutorial Videos
  • Worksheets and Spreadsheets to learn from
  • Step by Step Instructions on Setup and Analysis

You Also Get:

  • Ready to use Reporting Templates
  • Email Scripts to pitch GA services to clients
  • Service packages specific to Web Developers and Web Designers AND packages specific to Virtual Assistants
  • Private Facebook Group Community

Here are just three of the many ways Google Analytics can change and grow your business so that you are making more money with less clients!

1) Apply the data to launches, website changes, and content planning and get your client getting all heart eyed on you. Not only will you show them which of their marketing was most effective, but you’ll also give them specifics on what they should do now to become even more smart about where to pour their time and money.

2) Use the data to spark conversations and propose ideas and solutions that your client had never seen before. Not only do you look like a genius, but also you now have expert level status on their team!

3) With Google Analytics, you can experiment and test ideas in a controlled and smart way. Again, the client will appreciate this, and will keep asking you to come in and work as part of their team since experimentation is a necessary part of business, especially to scale!

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using your Google Analytics more Actively

Your Instructor


Hi there! If you don’t know who I am...I’m Cinthia!

I started working in Web Analytics a little over 8 years ago with large corporations like Avon, Sears, and Hyundai on both the technical code side as well as the business part of their Web Analytics strategy.

Once I started my own business, I quickly became obsessed with SEO and realized that it was the perfect combination of creativity and data. While my clients chronically stressed and avoided looking at their SEO, I realized that I continue to be fascinated and curious of all the moving parts that happen today to get ranked in Google.

Although some parts of doing SEO do require coding knowledge and help from a Web Developer or SEO expert, I believe that there is a lot that can be done by a small business owner and their team to improve how their site is being found by Google.

I created this course because I love teaching entrepreneurs how to make their websites active components of bringing in new leads, growing their audience, and sharing their talents with the world.

I am passionate about teaching women biz owners and health and wellness about SEO and help them reach all their big goals.

I can’t wait to teach you about SEO!

I currently run a SEO company called Digital Bloom IQ, serving Health and Wellness businesses with their SEO and data needs.

Let's run through what is in each module:

  • Module 0 - Why Google Analytics?

In this Module, you start to understand how to start thinking of Google Analytics as your secret weapon tool to enhance the rest of the work you do for clients. You will learn how to answer the question "Why should I look at my data" and how to make full use of the course.

  • Module 1 - Tool Setup

This crucial module will run through all the backend and frontend setup of the tool, including the Admin section. You will also learn how to manage multiple client accounts without getting confused and how to setup Goals in Google Analytics (that will track site conversion so you can start showing your client ROI in Google Analytics!)

  • Module 2 - Reporting

I know reporting can be one of the most stressful parts of the tool and that's why I've dedicated a whole module on it. Here I teach you how to get started with your analysis, specifically which reports to look at (not all are useful in the tool) and what all those metrics mean. I also have some reporting use cases with real clients where you will see how I walk through analysis and reporting with the clients over the phone.

  • Module 3 - Advanced Lessons

Now you have all the basics, let's dive into some advanced setup and reporting. In this module I will teach you how to setup spam filters, go through all the advanced admin features, and show you some more complex reporting. Nothing too intense but just enough to give your clients the answers they need to make the most of the website, content, and marketing. I will also teach you how to correctly communicate to clients their Google Analytics data (and it doesn't have to be complicated!).

Module 4 - Business Growth

Now you have all the basics of Google Analytics. It's time to sell this as the awesome service it is! This module walks through pricing and packages you can offer your clients (both for Web Developers, Web Designers, and VAs). I will walk through the pitching process with you, even including specific emails scripts you can use with your clients. You don't need to worry about exactly what to offer your clients because I tell you exactly what services to offer and how to package them!


This bonus module includes how to use Canva to show off your client's data, how to bring in more client leads with Google Analytics, and comparing Google Analytics to other analytics tools.

Join the Analytics as a service community and bring extra value to your clients!

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These are Juci's thoughts on the course!

Juci of Code and Glitter is a long time student of the course and she has gotten great value from it.

Using Google Analytics in my business has helped me design more strategic and effective websites for my clients. I'm able to see how my designs improve conversion rates, and make adjustments as needed to continue to make improvements for retainer clients. This allows me to charge more, because I'm delivering actual, measurable results to my clients--and they're happy to pay, because they're getting the results they want!

- Erin Flynn,

Making decisions around your marketing and content creation for new offerings without using your data is like trying to make your way across a new city without a map -- you can do it, but you'll probably miss out on the highlights and have a lot less fun than if you'd done a little research. Why wouldn't you wanna use all the resources possible to give your audience what they want and make more money following your passion? That's what understanding your analytics allows you to do.

- Natalia Real,

Hey Virtual Assistants! I know you want to take your business to the next level by raising your rates, attracting bigger clients, and standing out in the crowd of VAs. I also know that delighting your existing clients is important, and you’d like them to continue working with you.

Your focus is:

  • A step-by-step guide on data services you can offer online to make more money in your business and separate you from other VAs.
  • How to talk about and pitch your new services and explain the reporting to clients.
  • Use the data to make your client’s content and social media planning as effective as possible and enhance the creative process.

As a Web Developer, maybe you wonder if you could be applying the data more effectively to changes you make to your client’s sites and surprise them with more meaningful changes. Or maybe you want to use all the information from Google Analytics to actually get more clients. But where to get started with all of it?

For you the focus will be on:

  • The technical reporting available in Google Analytics that will inform your client work and web design/developer changes.
  • How to upgrade and retain existing clients with this new set of services with an easy, no-stress communication method.
  • Get clients honoring your work and paying you top money for your unique set of skills that not that many Web Developer and Web Designers have.

When it comes to Google Analytics, you don’t know what you don’t know, which leaves you in a pretty tight place.

Here is the full curriculum for you to view. The second video in Module 0 is free to preview!

This was Leanne's experience with the course!

Leanne is another amazing course student who took the content and applied it directly to her business.

Each lesson includes:

  • Easy to follow video instructions, showing you how to move around in the tool, use it strategically in your business, and communicate to clients.
  • Clear instructions of how to approach the Google Analytics for the first time (especially helpful if you’ve been avoiding it like the plague).
  • Worksheets to help you stay organized and motivated with each week’s lessons.
  • Homework exercises to make sure you are actually applying the lessons and starting to make decisions off the tool!

Stand out in a crowd of other tech providers and impress your clients!

Still have questions? Check out the F.A.Q. section! Or send me an email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Google Analytics? Why don't you teach about other analytics tools?
The analytics principles taught in this course can be applied to other data tools, but all the material is designed specifically for Google Analytics. And there are three reasons I recommend Google Analytics over other tools: 1) It’s fairly neutral: Although Google owns Adwords and a lot of other online space, compared to other tools it is fairly neutral. It's only job is to collect and show us data. 2) It’s accessible: No other tool gives us the breadth of other data sources to tap into. You have important Demographic, Interest, and Industry data in Google Analytics that you can then cross with other data points. It also lets you input custom data values, which again, is very powerful. 3) It’s Customizable: Inside Google Analytics we have a lot of flexibility to slice and dice data. With the right filtering done to the data, you can get some amazing insights that you were never aware of before and that you can present to your clients. And I want to help you with that through my course!
Do I have to be a total math or stats wiz to understand Google Analytics?
Not at all! That’s actually me - I have a Fine Arts Degree and do not consider myself very Math friendly. But I believe anyone can learn about data and statistic and become curious on how this information can support your clients. In my eyes, knowledge is power and having Google Analytics on your side is having the ultimate awareness regarding your site under your belt.
Will I learn how to setup and maintain the tool for my clients?
Yes! You will learn how to make sure the tool is set up on any site, and keep it running correctly.
Will you show me specific reports and metrics to present my clients?
Absolutely. I will be sharing specific reporting templates that you can use for your own business or for your client. You can copy these directly to present to your client on an ongoing basis.
When do I have access to all the course material?
As soon as you purchase you have access to Module 0. Then you will dripped out the content week by week. I've found that this is a better way to consume the content and not get overwhelmed. After the first round, you can go back and access any module of the course again and again.
Do I still have access to the course in the future?
Yes! You have lifetime access to the course, even as I continue to add and improve the material.
Until when can I enroll in the course?
Doors close to the course January 18th @ 10 pm ET. They will reopen at a higher price late in 2019.
Once doors close, when will enrolment open up again?
The course will open up again in late 2019. However, the price will go up as I continue to add content and open up the course to more students.
Why that price? It seems a bit expensive to me.
Trust me - this is an investment you want to make. This isn't just your plain old, self-paced, get it and then forget it course. With the Q&A call and Accountability Buddy, you will be guaranteed to make progress in your business. I take care of every one of my students and make sure everyone feels good! This is how I like to work and I how I feel others get the most of out the material. Also keep in mind that in the future the price will be going up as I continue to expand the content and grow the size of the course.
Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Yes! If you complete all the material, implement the strategies, and aren't happy with the course, there is a 30 day guarantee.
Learning Google Analytics is great but will I actually be able to use it with my clients?
Great question! That is actual the real purpose of the course - teaching you not only about Google Analytics but how to USE this tool as skill to connect you better with your client work (and help you grow your business). I have specific modules about pricing, service proposals, and how to actually talk to your clients about their data. And you will have a whole Facebook group to support you in the process as well. We are all here for you!
Is there some support community for the course?
Yes! There is a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask questions, and connect with other techies who are learning GA like you. This is the FB group: